Kybra Kennels has had the pleasure of working with some very satisfied customers who love their Siberian Husky and Portuguese Water Dog puppies! As trusted local dog breeders servicing Ontario residents, we focus on providing the best, most healthy pets to our customers. That’s why, among reviews of dog breeders far and wide, Kybra Kennels’ are overwhelmingly positive! Our dog breeder reviews are a testament to the care and attention we give to raising friendly, loving puppies who will immediately become part of the family.


Another reason why our customers love us so much, is that we also offer the option to have the puppy shipped safely to their new homes, throughout Canada. The puppies are flown to the airport closest to you, in an airline approved kennel that you get to keep! We have flown puppies to almost every province across Canada, and even internationally.


Browse our local dog breeder reviews and testimonials below and see what our customers have to say about their experiences with Kybra Kennels!

Paul & Alicia - Guelph, ON
Morning Brandon,
I hope you are doing well. Paul and I have a Portuguese Water Dog from Kybra that we picked up just over a year ago, Bear Sharpe. And we absolutely love him. He is such a great dog and so smart! I attached some photos for you to see. 

Jen - Ayr, ON
Hi Brandon!
I thought I would send a Maverick update. He's doing really well, healthy, and will be four months old soon (already!) ...he's getting bigger by the day!  I can't believe how much he looks like his dad.  The markings are almost identical.
He's been on lots of trail walks (which he loves), been socializing with people and other dogs.  He is buddies with a golden retriever puppy and two other huskies.  One is an 11 year old husky and the other a six month old husky puppy.  He likes car rides and is now fully potty trained.  He just started whining/pawing at the door one day on his own ...and poof!  ...potty trained, lol.  He also sleeps through the night.  We enrolled in some classes, he graduated puppy class and we are half way through obedience level 1. He's doing great!  We got complimented by the instructor last week :-)
We get so many compliments on how beautiful and well behaved he is for a Husky!
I've attached some pictures.  He put on his Tiger Cats jersey (lol) and one where I told him he had to wait a few extra minutes for dinner.  I came around the corner to see that, it was like he couldn't go on.  He makes me laugh every day!  Definitely getting quite the personality!

Emma - Regina SK
Hello Brandon, 
I hope you are doing well! We bought Bentley from you in July from Fredrika and Buster's litter. He is doing so well, always incredibly happy, full of energy, loves to run and jump and play all day long and is now a whopping 46 pounds of solid muscle.
I've attached a picture of him from this fall! His intelligence level definitely keeps us on our toes, but he settled in right away and is as happy as can be. Thanks,
Emma H.

Bill & Stiana - Cornwall, PEI
Hi Brandon,
Oreo and Brownie are amazing!
We may be in line for another, especially if it is with Hunter and a similar female to Kali will email you if we do and would like to go on a list specific for that litter if possible. Shared a couple pics below, they are so well mannered and gelled so well with our pugs.
Bill & Stiana

Michele, Collingwood ON
Hello Brandon,
Thought it was about time we gave you the update on our lovely Nuka.  She turned a year old on February 10.  She is such a wonderful dog and absolutely beautiful.  She has the best Husky tail I have ever seen.
Almost everyone we pass comments on her beauty.  Some even take photos of her.  She has a wonderful temperament to go with her beauty.  She has tons of character and sure knows how to yell at us.  We make sure she gets 8 to 10k walks everyday or goes to doggy daycare.  She doesn't really get a chance to misbehave.  I have included a few recent photos.
Hope all is well at Kybra.  You breed the best dogs.

Annalise & Eric, Joyceville ON
Hello there!!! 
Hope you are doing well. Eric and I just checked out the super cute PWD puppies on your website. I thought I would drop you a line to see how close our name is to the top of the list now and find out what you think the expected time frame is for our puppy. We have come to realize we aren't as fussy as we were in the beginning and are keen to get another puppy when our name comes up.
Let me know when you have time. Thanks
Here is our most recent pic of Beau. He's super happy and I'm sure he's going to love his new puppy sibling!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Brianne, St Catharines ON
Hi Brandon!
I hope you're doing well!  It's been a while since I brought Echo home... five years has flown by!  My parents have fallen in love with him over the years, and just put a deposit down for their own Kybra husky pup!
I can't thank you enough... Echo has been such an incredible friend since I brought him home!  He's a beautiful boy, I get comments on him all the time.  The best part is that his attitude and disposition are just as great!  He's super cuddly and affectionate, likes to play 24/7 and is great with other dogs!  I couldn't ask for more!
Looking forward to meeting the new Kybra pup this spring/summer!
Parents = Aspen and Kazan
Thank you!

Carrie & Erik, Hamilton ON
Ti is doing amazingly well. He's so smart and so loyal. We can run him off leash in our park with no issues. He loves to be near us all the time. He's a fantastic dog.  Looks exactly like Huckleberry. I've attached a picture for you.  :) 
Thanks again for such an amazing dog.  We love him so much.

Kirby & Joan, Edmonton AB
I want to thank you for the greatest dog a family could ask for. Fergus the Portuguese Water Dog from your kennel is amazing. So friendly, well tempered, smart, and easy to train. Here is a photo of Fergus at 7 months.

Mike & Meg, Vancouver Island BC

Mike and I wanted to pass on some photos of Nanook. 10 weeks old now and enjoying the weather with our 3 year old daughter on Vancouver Island :)

We are all enjoying his company. He is playful, affectionate and listens really well to all of us.

Thank you!