Exercise Needs For Siberian Husky & Portuguese WD

When you are caring for a puppy, exercise is a vital part of not only a healthy lifestyle, but also for ensuring good behaviour of your dog. Having a proper outlet for exercise is a fundamental part of both Portuguese Water Dog and Siberian Husky care. For each type of dog, exercise needs vary based on their physiology. Read through our tips on exercise for puppies in order to ensure your pet is active and healthy.

Siberian Husky Care: Exercise for Puppies & Adults

Exercise for Huskies is extremely important. Since they are such active and athletic dogs, exercise needs are quite demanding. They must be exercised thoroughly, for 30 minutes to an hour, on a daily basis. This helps ensure that they don’t become bored or destructive within the home. Running is a great method of exercise for huskies, which is why they make such excellent jogging companions. Furthermore, having outdoor space for them to run around helps ensure they stay active and expend their energy in a constructive way. Having a fenced yard for them to play in is hugely beneficial.


Portuguese Water Dog Care: Exercise for Puppies & Adults

Proper exercise is a fundamental of Portuguese Water Dog care. They are an active, athletic breed, and as such require about 30 minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise per day. A fenced yard where they can play is a very big asset for owners of Porties. Swimming and running provide great exercise for puppies, and these along with games of fetch are suitable for adults. Porties love to learn new things, so adding some variety with the games you play with them will help stimulate them mentally and ensure they stay active.

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