Retired Adult Siberian Husky Dogs

After our adult Siberian Huskies and Portuguese Water Dogs are past the age of parenting of new litters, they find new homes as family pets for loving owners. 


Currently, we are looking for a retirement home for Vicki. We also have a couple younger adults available.  Contact us today if you are interested in providing a home for one of these dogs.


Why Retired Adults?

Retired breeding dogs make great companions and family pets. They are first and foremost healthy, genetically strong dogs. They are also intelligent, with great temperaments. Additionally, while they are playful and fun, they are not as much of a handful as puppies are, and don’t require such strict care.


If you would be interested in a retired breeding dog from Kybra Kennels, let us know! 


We keep the dogs on our site even after they've found good retirement homes so that people who have puppies from these moms and dads are still able to see their photos.