Dog Nutrition & Diet For Siberian Huskies & Portuguese WD

Dog nutrition is a crucial part of overall health, and owners should be cognizant of the nutritional needs of their dog in order to ensure it remains healthy. While there is no one best diet for dogs – obviously the breed and particular needs are significant factors – there are some common dietary needs that are specific to Siberian Huskies and Portuguese Water Dogs. Here are some things to keep in mind concerning the Portguese Water Dog and Siberian Husky diets.

Siberian Husky Diet

The best food for a Siberian Husky is high-quality, natural food that helps promote overall health, a healthy coat for grooming and provides the right level of nutrients. Dog nutrition needs will vary based on the animal, but it is recommended you provide 1.5-2 cups of food per day, divided into two meals. Relative to their size, the Siberian Husky diet is quite surprisingly small, and they tend not to need much food. However, the dogs exercise needs, activity level, size, and age will all factor into the amount your puppy eats.


Portuguese Water Dog Diet

The Portuguese Water Dog diet will vary based on the animal, but generally it is recommended that you feed your dog around 2.5 – 3.5 cups of high-quality dog food divided into two meals daily. Of course, puppies should be given less dependent on size, age, activity level and other factors. They may also require special puppy food to ensure they receive the nutrients extra nutrients they need while they grow.

Regardless of the dog, any Siberian Husky or Portuguese Water Dog diet should consist of only high-quality, veterinarian approved food. The quality of the food will have a significant impact on whether your puppy’s nutritional requirements are met. Essentially, the best diet for dogs – whatever the breed – is one that consists of healthy, premium quality food.

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