Information on Siberian Husky & Portuguese Water Dogs


Kybra Kennels has been breeding Siberian Huskies for over 15 years and Portuguese Water Dogs for more than 8 years. In our time breeding these dogs, we have striven to ensure that each one of our customers finds the perfect pet for their family, which is why we like to educate all potential dog owners about our breeds. Not familiar with the details about our dogs? Read our Portuguese Water Dog and Siberian Husky information below!


Siberian Husky Information and Facts

There is a lot of Siberian Husky breed info to familiarize yourself with, because the dogs have such a storied history and are so popular. They are classified as working dogs due to their intelligence, strength and athleticism, and indeed were used historically for transportation as sled dogs. They are one of the oldest dog breeds. Here is some other interesting Siberian Husky Information:


• They require quite a bit of exercise and it is generally recommended that they have a yard or large space to run and play in
• They are generally affectionate, good-natured, and do well with children and other dogs
• They rarely bark
• They need a strong, assertive owner, and may not be a great breed for the first-time dog owner


Portuguese Water Dog Information

Historically, Portuguese Water Dogs were used on fishing trips, either to retrieve lost equipment or to herd fish into nets – hence the name. Today, this breed is friendly, fun, and very affectionate, making it a great choice as a family pet. These dogs are still very intelligent and retain their love for the water. Here is some other Portuguese Water Dog breed info that is good to know for prospective owners:
• With the right training, they make exceptional family pets, due to their loving nature and friendly demeanor
• They are non-shedding dogs, and have hair instead of fur, making them hypoallergenic. This makes Porties excellent pets for people with allergies, who can still enjoy having a loving family dog without worrying about allergic reactions/irritation.
• They are adaptable and can do well in family homes or apartments (if they get enough exercise)
• They tend to be quiet around the home
• They are intelligent and athletic, and because of this require a lot of exercise as well mental stimulation


To learn more Portuguese Water Dog or Siberian Husky information and facts, or to come meet our dogs in person, contact Kybra Kennels today at info@kybrakennels.ca!