Adult Siberian Husky Dogs

Kybra Kennel’s adult Siberian Huskies are all well-mannered, friendly dogs that are in prime physical conditions. All of our litters are parented by CKC certified purebred Siberian Husky canines with strong genetic lineages who themselves come from healthy parents. This means that all of our existing and upcoming litters of Siberian Husky puppies are purebred, strong and healthy. And because we provide them with the proper care, food, and living environment needed by the Husky dog breed, you can ensure that your pet comes to you without any issues.

At Kybra Kennels, we have been breeding for over 22 years, and have built quite the family of beautiful adult Siberian Huskies. Each adult Siberian Husky we use to parent our litters is carefully selected based on age, state of health, temperament and more. This ensures that all of our puppies are the very best in terms of health, temperament and fitness as a family pet.

View any adult Siberian Husky below, and click on their picture to learn more about their personality, parentage, age and more. Or, if you would rather come meet our adult Siberian Huskies and puppies in person, contact us today at info@kybrakennels.ca to schedule a visit!


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