Portuguese Water Dog Temperament, Information & Facts

Prospective owners should be aware of a variety of Portuguese Water Dog information that will help them determine if the breed is right for them. Generally, the breed makes exceptional family pets due to their extremely lovable nature, affection, and playfulness. That said, they might not be right for everybody. Read on to find out more about Portuguese Water Dog temperament, as well as other useful facts for potential owners.

Portuguese Water Dog Temperament

Typically, the Portuguese Water Dog temperament is one of friendliness, sociability, and affection. They are extremely loyal, and love to be with people all the time. They are also a very playful and active breed, and are extremely intelligent. The exact temperament will depend on the dog – some will be strong personalities, others will be laid back, and most will be somewhere in between. Regardless, if socialized at an early age and trained properly, the Portuguese Water Dog will make an exceptional family-friendly pet.


Other Portuguese Water Dog Info

Given their history as an active breed, they are very athletic and excellent swimmers – hence the breed name. As such, they need a lot of exercise, and due to their level of intelligence also require mental stimulation as they get easily bored. They are adaptable animals, meaning they can excel in a variety of living situations, as long as they are given the proper training and discipline. With this in place, the Portuguese Water Dog breed makes a great pet.


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