Grooming Tips for Siberian Husky & Portuguese WD

Caring for a puppy doesn’t stop once you’ve gotten it home – dog grooming, feeding, exercise and other caregiving requirements are needed to help ensure your pet remains beautiful and healthy. Portuguese Water Dog grooming and Siberian Husky grooming, while similar, do have differences because of the needs of each breed. Here are some home dog grooming tips that will help you keep your pup looking and feeling healthy.


Siberian Husky Grooming

Siberian Husky grooming requirements are fairly reasonable, especially considering the thickness of their coats. To avoid matting, brush their coats on a weekly basis in colder months, and daily during times when they shed a lot (particularly spring).

While they generally don’t emit strong odors like other dogs, you should give them a bath every once in a while using high-quality dog shampoo. Furthermore, trimming nails on a monthly basis will help prevent tears, cracks and other issues. Dental health is also a main aspect of Siberian Husky grooming, so ensure you are feeding your Siberian Husky a well-balanced diet and brush its teeth regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria.


Portuguese Water Dog Grooming

Portuguese Water Dog grooming is a bit simpler than many other breeds, as they have only a single coat. Their coat can be either curly or wavy, but regardless, it requires brushing or combing a couple of times a week in order to avoid tangling and matting. Trimming the coat on a monthly basis will also help your dog look beautiful and clean.

Since they adore the water, it is important that they are rinsed with clean water after diving into pools or other sources that may contain chemicals or salts. You should also dry the ears thoroughly to prevent infection.


Like Siberian Huskies, Portguese Water Dog grooming practices should be attentive of dental hygiene, with regular teeth cleaning an important aspect. Also, be sure to trim nails at least once a month to prevent scratching and keep their feet in good condition.


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