Adult Portuguese Water Dogs


The Portuguese Water Dog breed is among the best hypoallergenic dogs, and is highly intelligent, meaning they typically respond well to training. Since they have hair, not fur, they are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. This makes them the perfect dog for people who suffer from pet allergies. Furthermore, they are active, playful, and good with kids, so they make great family pets. These traits are not just found in puppies either – adult Portuguese Water Dogs exhibit the same characteristics, which is why they are such a popular breed.

Kybra Kennel’s adult Portuguese Water Dogs are friendly, intelligent, mild-mannered dogs that are healthy and in great physical condition. Each one of our Portuguese Water Dog adults are CKC certified purebreds, meaning our litters come from strong genetic lineages. And because both our puppies and adults are provided with exceptional care, food and living environment, all of our dogs are happy and healthy!


When we breed new litters, we carefully select the parents from our family of Portuguese Water Dog adults. We look at age, health, temperament and more to determine the best match and breed the strongest puppies that are great as family pets!

View any of our adult Portuguese Water Dogs below, and click on their picture to learn more about them. If you would rather meet our adults and puppies in person, contact us today at info@kybrakennels.ca to schedule a visit!


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Alina Alina Rookie Cloud & Alina

Gender: Female

Birthdate: September 8-2020

Weight: 40 lbs

Coat: Wavy

Dam: Cinder

Sire: Prescott


CKC Certificate

Genetic Health Certificates