Siberian Husky & Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Thank you for visiting Kybra Kennels. Kybra Kennels is a CKC registered premier breeder of Portuguese Water Dog & Siberian Husky puppies in Ontario. Our adult huskies vary in many coat colours, in hopes that we can provide you with the perfect coloured husky puppy that you have been looking for. Some of our adult siberians have blue eyes, some have brown eyes, and some are bi-eyed. We like the PWD's with mostly black coats and white crests and white socks.

Most important of all, our adult Siberian huskies and Porties are very healthy, and have frequent veterinarian check-ups. The temperaments of all our adults are very personable as well.

Siberian Huskies are energetic dogs that make great family pets. They love people and other pets. They are highly intelligent (and can be excellent "escape artists"). Lots of exercise or a fenced yard is recommended. Huskies have thickly furred double-coats, and of course, the curled/sickle tail.

Portuguese Water Dogs make excellent companions and are loving and intelligent. They enjoy being petted, and with their soft, fluffy coats, who can resist? They have a single-layered coat which is non-shedding, so the PWD's are considered hypo-allergenic.


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