Kybra Kennels has had the pleasure of working with some very satisfied customers who love their Siberian Husky and Portuguese Water Dog puppies! As trusted local dog breeders servicing Ontario residents, we focus on providing the best, most healthy pets to our customers. That’s why, among reviews of dog breeders far and wide, Kybra Kennels’ are overwhelmingly positive! Our dog breeder reviews are a testament to the care and attention we give to raising friendly, loving puppies who will immediately become part of the family.


Another reason why our customers love us so much, is that we also offer the option to have the puppy shipped safely to their new homes, throughout Canada. The puppies are flown to the airport closest to you, in an airline approved kennel that you get to keep! We have flown puppies to almost every province across Canada, and even internationally.


Browse our local dog breeder reviews and testimonials below and see what our customers have to say about their experiences with Kybra Kennels!

Patty, Brantford ON
We just celebrated Kya's first birthday yesterday.and just wanted to tell you she has been the best dog ever.  Everybody says what a beautiful dog she is, and her disposition in amazing.  She is so well behaved, and doesn't try to run away.  I take her to the dog park a lot, and she love to run free there.  Just thought we'd let you know how much we are enjoying her.  

Reanne, Hanover ON
Hi Brandon!
Dan and I just wanted to say a big thank you! We are totally in love 
with our new puppy (Odin) and he is fitting in very well in his new 
home! He is very playful - his favourite toy is a little pig with two 
squeekers in it. He carries it everywhere! He was very brave on his 
first night alone and he barely made as noise! I think his blanket 
helped. We are looking forward to seeing him grow up :)
Thanks again!

p.s. I have already worn out the battery of my camera taking pictures!
I will send some pictures soon!

Dave, Hamilton ON
Brandon thanks again for the wonderful dogs the whole family is involved in looking after them and they are a lot of fun. Getting the two dogs at once was a good decision as they play with each other and keep each other company.
Thank you,


Jason & Medina, Innisfil ON
 Hi Brandon,
Just wanted to send a little note to say we are soooo happy that we got the second husky.  They get along so great and i don't know what one would do without the other one!!  I keep checking your website and looking at the new arrivals you have!!
Keep up the great work. I have attached a few pictures, hope you enjoy them!!
Take Care,
Jason & Medina

Puneet, Waterloo ON
Hi Brandon,
How are you doing?  Titan is doing gr8, here are some of his pictures :)


Melissa & Kerry, Welland, ON
Hello there !
My name is Melissa (hubby is Kerry) we got our beloved pup from your family back in August of 2007 ! I have attached a couple of past&recent photos him that I wanted to share with you guys.
The reason why I am emailing you is to let you know how happy we have been since Bosley has come into our lives and that we wanted to thank you and your family for such a great breeding job you have done - Bosley has NOT had ANY health issues (knock on wood) as well his temperament and personality is a perfect fit with our family!
Also - I was inquiring on possibly adding to our family but this time a female - I have been going through your website and once I have found one I will email you back - the only thing I was wondering is do you have any pups available now or upcoming from Bosley's parents (Pepper&I believe his mum was Annie).
From our family to yours Thank you very much =) We would highly recommend you to anyone...
May the New Year bring lot's of Happiness, Good Health&Prosperity to you & your family !

Melissa & Kerry, Welland, ON

Good Day Brandon,
I purchased a Red Siberian Husky (Koda) in February 2007 from a lady who had originally purchased the dog from your kennel in November 2006 (not sure on exact dates).  All I have to link Koda to your kennel is a printed email between yourself and the original purchaser.  I'd like you to know that Koda has turned out to be an absolute dream dog... she is extremely well tempered, amazing with children, loves to run and pull
and is just the most beautiful looking husky I have ever seen (a biased statement I know).
The reason for my letter... I will be adding another husky to my family in about a year from now, and would love to visit your kennel, if at all possible, to find out more about your dogs and Koda.
I've attached a couple of pictures for you... maybe she'll look familiar. 
Looking forward to hearing from you,


Heather, Halifax NS
Hey Everyone,
Here's Nelly!! Very Cute!! The second picture was not posed by me, she just did that on her own...(the one with her stuffed husky).... 

Kristin, Coldwater ON
Hi it's us again!
I just wanted to let you know that Benson is still fitting in fantastically with our family. Our 14 year old Golden Retriever and him are the best of buds, he still continues to chase the kitties around the house and they still continue to swat him and put him in his place - he never learns! Benson turned two in October, and he had a wonderful birthday - he was spoiled rotten! Benson was a pumpkin for Halloween, and we took him to see some kids on Halloween night! They loved him! Here are some recent pictures of him.

Benson turns 2!