Kybra Kennels has had the pleasure of working with some very satisfied customers who love their Siberian Husky and Portuguese Water Dog puppies! As trusted local dog breeders servicing Ontario residents, we focus on providing the best, most healthy pets to our customers. That’s why, among reviews of dog breeders far and wide, Kybra Kennels’ are overwhelmingly positive! Our dog breeder reviews are a testament to the care and attention we give to raising friendly, loving puppies who will immediately become part of the family.


Another reason why our customers love us so much, is that we also offer the option to have the puppy shipped safely to their new homes, throughout Canada. The puppies are flown to the airport closest to you, in an airline approved kennel that you get to keep! We have flown puppies to almost every province across Canada, and even internationally.


Browse our local dog breeder reviews and testimonials below and see what our customers have to say about their experiences with Kybra Kennels!

Kathy & Frank, Toronto ON
Hey Brandon:
Was just checking out your web site and saw that Tequilla & Taku had another litter.
Believe it or not they were born on my Birthday! There absolutely adorable. Hope they all find good homes like Milo did with us. By the way he is doing great. Such a clown. Keeps us laughing.
Take care and good luck,
... and a few months later they got a playmate for Milo...

Hey Brandon:
Hope everything is going well with you and your pups. Just wanted to say Hi, and
thankyou, we received Lexies papers in the mail today.
The dogs are doing well and are learning to get along with each other. They play
and tire each other out. Becoming good buddies.
Attaching a few pictures. Hope you like!

Take care, Kathy and Frank
Hey Brandon:
Hope all is well with you and your dogs.
Always checking your website for pics of your new litters.
Sooo cute!

Thought you might like to see an updated picture of Lexie.
She has changed so much in her markings and is looking
beautiful. We get compliments on her and Milo all the time.

They are the most affectionate and loving dogs. We are so
happy we decided on the second pup. They are great company
for each other.

Thanks again, Kathy & Frank :)

Ashley, Dartmouth NS
Hi Brandon

Just thought I'd send you a few updated pictures of Blaze. He is doing incredibly well and I will be showing him in the ring sometime this year.
My show handler is working with my other dog and she thinks Blaze would do great in conformation as well!

... and a few weeks later...
Hey Brandon

just wanted to let you know I received Blaze's papers in the mail, thanks. Here are some photos of him I took today, some with us practicing our stacking lol. He's starting to get big now, he's about 26 lbs.
I'll get some photos of him soon during his conformation handling classes.

Hi Brandon
Just thought I'd share some of Blaze's photos from our handling classes. The picures aren't very good cause my camera dosen't work well indoors.
My handler Sara thinks he's pretty much ready to be shown so this june he'll be in the ring! I think he's going to be a show stopper!
I'll let you know how it goes.
Hope all is going well with you and your puppies!

Nelia, Ilderton ON
Hi Brandon & Anita,
We have decided on a name for the pup, she will be called Sierra. Sierra is fitting in great, Dory has taken to her and they are having a great time getting to know each other.
Update 1 month later:
Sierra is doing great. She&rsquos a very smart puppy and is adapting great. Here are a few pictures for you.

Kirstin, Coldwater ON
Just to let you know, Benson has fit in just fine with our family. He has his best buddy Molson our 13 year old Golden Retreiver and our 3 cats. He is a bit of a chewer especially when left alone at home. I guess he likes to be with us. He does not like car rides but is a lot better now compared to the ride home from your place. Thanks again. Kirstin.


Cory, Oakville ON
Hi Brandon,
I just wanted to send you some photos as a quick update. Lily is getting along great with the other sibe's, and is loving her first year in snow.

Roxanne, Terrace BC
Hi Brandon,
We might be ready for a female puppy.
Kyrian (Gabriel) is doing great! He's a big dog, with a great temperament, and is very fast and strong. My friend who also has Siberians takes him out sledding and she's impressed by how fast and strong he is. She'd like to see his pedigree, but I don't have a copy? Can you send me a copy?
He's turned into a very pretty color of red, everybody comments on what a pretty dog he is. And of course he is very spoiled.
Thanks Brandon,

Scott, Stratford ON
Hi Brandon,
Just wondering when you will be having another litter of puppies? I would be interested in a light-coloured male with bi-eyes if you happen to get one. Let me know?
Copper and Kodiak are wonderful dogs, I've attached a picture of them for you.

Tiffany & Allen, Sarnia ON
Hi Brandon,
Allen and I would just like to say thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your puppies! Mya is so happy and healthy! She is just over 5 months now and is going through obedience school! Siberian Huskies are definitely an intelligent breed! She learns things so fast! We started taking her rollerblading last month and she absolutely loves it! We are very excited to see how she likes the snow! Just thought we'd give you an update :) hope all is well! Thanks again!
Take Care
Tiffany and Allen

Kathy, Toronto ON
Hey Brandon:
Was just checking out your web site and saw that Tequilla & Taku had another litter. Believe it or not they were born on my birthday! They're absolutely adorable. Hope they all find good homes like Milo did with us.
By the way, he is doing great. Such a clown. Keeps us laughing.
Take care and good luck,

Carolyn, Newcastle ON
Good Morning Brandon,
I wasn't sure if people usually give you an update on puppies they've purchased from you or not but I saw your website and thought I might send you one.  Angel's one of the puppies born from Chelsea and Pepper in July 2006.   She's extremely smart and of course full of energy.   Although I must say, she has calmed down a bit over the last year or so.  She's very affectionate and makes for a great family pet.  Her temperment is perfect!!!  I just wanted to let you know she is an excellent dog and should we decide to get another one day we will definetly want to purchase from your kennel.  Here are a couple of pictures if you're interested in seeing how beautiful and healthy she is.
Thank you for the great experience, and for a wonderful dog,