Kybra Kennels has had the pleasure of working with some very satisfied customers who love their Siberian Husky and Portuguese Water Dog puppies! As trusted local dog breeders servicing Ontario residents, we focus on providing the best, most healthy pets to our customers. That’s why, among reviews of dog breeders far and wide, Kybra Kennels’ are overwhelmingly positive! Our dog breeder reviews are a testament to the care and attention we give to raising friendly, loving puppies who will immediately become part of the family.


Another reason why our customers love us so much, is that we also offer the option to have the puppy shipped safely to their new homes, throughout Canada. The puppies are flown to the airport closest to you, in an airline approved kennel that you get to keep! We have flown puppies to almost every province across Canada, and even internationally.


Browse our local dog breeder reviews and testimonials below and see what our customers have to say about their experiences with Kybra Kennels!

Sweta, Toronto ON
Hi Brandon! Hope you're doing well! I had come last year in December to pick up my puppy, Shinook, who is that middle dog in this picture I sent you! Funny enough I met up with an owner who has 2 huskies from you. The one of the left is Shelby and the one on the far right is Kona. We LOVE our huskies and were so thankful we could meet up and watch them play! Shinook and Kona are only a day apart. Shinook was born to Huckleberry and Raven. Just wanted to send you an update of the dogs! The other picture is of Shinook at almost 6 months now! He's a wonderful dog and I love him.

Ashley, Deer Lake, Newfoundland
Mika turned 1 year old last Tuesday March 28th. So glad I got a puppy from you guys she's the best dog ever!! Such a great temperament, loves everyone and loves to play in the snow and with other dogs!!

Kendra, Oshawa ON
Kendra sent us this video of Miya the day after she got to her new home and writes:
Just wanted to give you guys an update 🙂  she is so perfect !

Victoria, Milton ON
Victoria asked us for tips on getting her new puppy to be friends with an older dog in the house. She found this blog to be useful and less than a week later reported back to us:
Hi Brandon,  thanks for the info!
Things seem to be looking up, here they are drinking out of the same bowl and sharing a play area.
Have a great evening :)

Kathie, Grimsby ON
Hi Brandon,

Just wanted to let you know that Duke is doing really well!
He is already running 5km with us every morning and is the star of his puppy training class lol.
He can do sit, down, up. He listens very well and sleeps all night in his crate.
He is of course a lot of work but such a joy. Even Roxy, our cockapoo is starting to like him.
Thank you so much. Lots of people are asking where he came from so you may have some Grimsby people contacting you.
Take care,

Mandy, Markham ON
Hi Brandon,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Boss. He is so silly and the cutest. He is so smart and such a fast learner. You guys breed the best huskies!

Stacey, Toronto ON
Hi Brandon!
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update you about Huxley, but I thought what better time than today, his 1st birthday! Since we brought him home last June, he has been such an amazing addition to our family. He is smart, very clever, handsome and loving. He steals the hearts of everyone he meets (he loves kids and babies especially!). He enjoys long walks, pulling us on roller blades, and most of all he loves playing with his friends at the park. Last summer he basked in the sun at the cottage and loved the wind in his face on the boat. When winter came, he could not get enough of his first experience with snow (literally couldn't get him to come inside). He continues to thrive on TLC food, although tonight he was spoiled with a home-made meal for his birthday. He destroys all of his toys, but is surprisingly decent at fetching for a husky! Can't believe he is already a year old, the time has just flown!
Thank you so much for giving us such a friendly and playful pup, could not have asked for anyone better! I've attached 2 pictures from when we brought him home and 2 from today!
Stacey & Huxley 

Aimee & Rhodri, Aurora ON
Hi Brandon,

We bought a puppy from you at Thanksgiving 2012.  Here are some pictures of Ty.  He is a great dog.  We were wondering if you are still breeding Portuguese Water Dogs and when your next litter will be born. 

Happy New Year,
Aimee and Rhodri 

Christine & Darren, Etobicoke ON
Hi Brandon,

Just wanted to send you updated pictures of Easton, he is doing very well and is getting big. He also just graduated from puppy classes last wednesday :)

He is very healthy and looking good. We are also recommending your kennel if anyone is interested in getting a husky.

Christine & Darren

Ahsan, Mississauga ON
Hello Brandon!
Hope everything is well. Sorry it took me so long to get around but Dwayna is keeping me busy. By far the best thing that has happened and everywhere I go she is the center of attention. Very energetic and playful. Plays with everyone and Loves everyone she meets. She goes to a day care everyday while I am at work and I never get tired of hearing of all the Huskies Dwayna has the best temperament. She always listens to them and has never gotten into trouble. She hates being left alone. Well I can&rsquot blame her she&rsquos always with me or with other Dogs. She has been so easy to train she gets the concept of a command within minutes but it all depends on if she has Better puppy things to do then to listen to me. Everyone is amazed at how I can let a Husky off leash and it doesn&rsquot run away from me. She comes back when called and never loses sight of me. I have attached some Pictures of her from being small tiny puppy to what she is now. For the record Christmas Picture Not my idea but it turned out great! Keep up the great work. I might be contacting you in the future to get her a playmate but for now One Dwayna is more then enough!
Thank you