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Why Portuguese Water Dogs Are The Best Hypoallergenic Dogs


Dogs are intensely loyal creatures that truly become a part of the family through their years of loyal companionship and service. Being a dog owner is both an incredible responsibility and an overwhelming joy, but conditions like an allergy to dog hair can prevent those who would otherwise be the perfect match for a puppy to forego expanding their pack.


One option for allergy sufferers is to pick a breed of dog known for being hypoallergenic, possessing hair that won't trigger the allergic reactions of their owners. One breed received international attention after being selected for the White House - the Portuguese Water Dog. President Obama opted for the breed to avoid aggravating the allergies of his daughter, Malia. These lovable balls of fluff are one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds you can own.



An Overview of the Portuguese Water Dog

With intelligent minds that can quickly grasp training and a plethora of energy, the Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) is the best hypoallergenic dog around. Like the name suggests, they are champion swimmers who will be much happier if you live near a body of water for swimming or if you take frequent trips to the lake. They tend to enjoy being by their owner's side and making themselves useful. Historically, the Portuguese Water Dog was used by fishermen as a working dog.


The Water Dog is a relative of the poodle, evidence by their luxurious pelt of curly hair. They are medium-sized dogs that grow to just under two feet in height and weigh between forty to fifty pounds. Their coat is typically dark black, although fully white coats, brown coats, and mixtures do exist. Lifespans are typical for dogs their size, ranging from 10 to 14 years on average.


Like most social and friendly dog breeds, Portuguese Water Dogs does not do well when left in a caged environment without interaction or play with their family. A busy family like the Obamas has the benefit of staff that can entertain the dog and reinforce training, but the average family will need to make sure that they have the time and energy to spend with the dog.



How Hypoallergenic Are They?

Those who suffer severe levels of asthma or allergic reactions to dog hair may still react to the presence of PWD hair, as "hypoallergenic" does not equate to creating no allergens at all. The designation is reserved for hairless and single-coat dogs who produce lower levels of allergens. Most reactions are triggered by hair shedding from the undercoat, a feature that the Portuguese Water Dog and other single-coat breeds do not have.



A Beautiful Pet for Every Family

Between their beauty, playfulness, intelligence, and loyalty, the Portuguese Water Dog is a remarkable breed that will bring joy to any family. If you have been putting off on adopting a dog due to allergies in your household, take the time to seek out a PWD breeder who can let you spend time with the dogs and determine if their hypoallergenic fur is tolerable. With a little luck and a lot of love, you may soon be adding the best hypoallergenic dog to your family and home. To find out about our upcoming liter of Portuguese Water Dogs, contact us today!

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