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Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop and Other Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

   Why do dogs eat their poop? This has been a question gnawing at the minds of countless dog owners for a long time. In fact, there are many things that dogs do that are incredibly odd to us humans. In some cases, you may be wondering if weird dog behaviors are cause for concern. So that you can stop wondering, we're going to answer "why do dogs eat their poop?" among other things.


Why do dogs eat their poop?

Though it can seem as though hygiene is the last thing on dogs minds, dogs instinctively want to keep their dens clean. Because of this, they will eat their poop if it is sullying their home. Also poop is technically nutritious, containing plenty of protein; a hungry dog will gladly indulge in what it may consider to be a tasty snack. None of these facts make the act of eating poop any less gross, and it can contain dangerous organisms, so if you would like to prevent it, clean up droppings in your yard or the litter box regularly.


Why do dogs chase their tails?

Most dogs chase their tails in an endless and often fruitless attempt to chomp on that thing wagging in the corner of their eye. In most cases, this is just a harmless game that a young, energetic dog will play. However if your dog chases their tail too often, you should get them checked for worms.


Why do little dogs bark at big dogs?

This one we can usually blame on the owner. Dogs are instinctively territorial; when a big dog exhibits territorial behavior, people immediately act to stop it from happening again. For example, a big dog barking and growling at people can be scary for friends and family members, so owners immediately correct the behavior. When a small dog exhibits the same behavior on the other hand, people tend to ignore it or even perceive it as cute. In some cases, people will even ignore biting and scratching from little dogs.

When you allow them to do as they please, little dogs will take on an alpha mindset. The aggression that comes with this mindset causes the little dogs to act aggressively towards anything that they perceive at a threat to their territory, including big dogs. It is up to you as an owner to prevent this behavior, regardless of your dog's size, through proper training and discipline.


Why do dogs walk in circles before lying down?

This action is purely instinctive. Before dogs had carpets, rugs and the soft beds that we give them to sleep on, they had the ground. In an effort to make the ground just a little bit softer for sleeping on, dogs would use their paws to soften the grass, dirt, and otherwise that would serve as their bed, sort of like when a person fluffs their pillow. This instinct has carried over to dogs naturally, even though they now don't have to worry about sleeping on rocks or twigs.


Your Dog Probably Isn’t As Weird As You Thought

Although dogs take actions that seem strange to us humans, in most cases, they are just being themselves. For more information on weird dog behaviors, or to learn about our upcoming liters, contact us at Kybra Kennels!

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