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What to Look For When Choosing a Doggie Daycare

   Finding a daycare for your dog can be harrowing. You don't want your pup trapped inside all day but you also don't want to trust their health and well-being to a stranger. Thankfully, the world of doggie daycare has grown and dog owners can use some proven tips to find a safe and fun environment for their pup to burn off energy throughout the day. When interviewing potential daycares, look out for these signs of a responsible and knowledgeable doggie daycare.


A Rigorous Screening Process

You wouldn't trust a babysitter who wanted you to drop your child off at their front step without meeting them first and the same holds true for doggie daycare. A safe and respected doggie daycare has a rigorous screening process to ensure that not only are all dogs vaccinated but also appropriately socialized. Ask about each daycare's screening process to avoid wasting time at facilities that waive safety by forgoing a screening. Ensure that the doggie daycare asks for vaccinations, keeps updated records on each dog to stop the spread of disease, and requires a temperament evaluation prior to enrolling a new dog in the program.


A High Staff-to-Dog Ratio

No matter the years of experience, a single person can't handle dozens of dogs. Doggie daycares range in size from a single-home operation to franchised organizations so there's no one-size-fits-all number for staffing, but take time to consider how many dogs each staff person is expected to handle and under what conditions it’s under. The Pet Care Services Association considers one staffer per 15 dogs to be an acceptable ratio but that may be adjusted based on activity level and age of each group of dogs. Ask about the ratio at any potential daycare.



Adequate Supervision

It's not enough to have adequate staffing, the dogs also need to be supervised. Sometimes play can turn into bullying and if staff aren't nearby to quickly mediate, disaster could strike. Look at where staff are stationed throughout the day and how well supervised dogs are. Ask about group play and how staff deals with confrontation between dogs.


An Engaging and Safe Environment

Dog owners hoping to enroll their pooch in doggie daycare should look beyond staffing and screening and into the environment their dog is expected to play in. Daycare isn't solely for socializing dogs, it should also provide exercise and activity. Take a good look at the environment to not only assess safety but also to ensure there's plenty of safe activities.
Size/Age Separation
While your puppy may love hanging out with your older dog, the rough-housing puppies enjoy isn't also appreciated by older dogs. Separating dogs based on age and size is a simple way for doggie daycares to avoid fights and create a safe space for play. Ask how your potential daycare determines and socializes groups.


Certification and Qualifications


While loving dogs can certainly make for a great dog owner, doggie daycares need to show a willingness to learn as much about boarding and watching dogs as possible. Ask whether the daycare is accredited and what qualifications each staff member has. While no one needs a veterinary degree to run a doggie daycare, they should be keeping up-to-date with the industry best practices.



Finding a loving and safe doggie daycare for your pup is priority one and these tips can help you choose just the right place for them to thrive. Remember even after choosing a doggie daycare that it's important to keep updated with news and staffing changes to ensure your dog continues to receive high-quality care. For more information, contact us at Kybra Kennels today!

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