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What to Look For in A Professional Dog Groomer


Keeping your dog neat and clean isn't easy to do on your own. The best way to keep your dog well-groomed is to seek out the services of a professional dog groomer. However not all dog groomers are the same. To help you find the professional dog groomer that best suits your needs, we are going to discuss what you should look for in one.


A Clean Facility

You are sending your dog to the groomer to be cleaned. If the groomer's facilities are unclean, then something is wrong. Although your dog may come home with a brand new haircut, being at an unclean facility makes it likely that your furry friend will also come home with someone else's pet's fleas or germs; there could even be germs or infestations that affect humans in an unclean facility. Only work with a pet groomer that has demonstrated the ability to keep their facilities clean of contaminants.


A Caring Staff

A dog groomer's staff shouldn't just be qualified to clean pets. They should care about dogs in general. This ensures that they will not treat your dog like just another animal that has to be washed. Horror stories have emerged of pets being abused at dog groomers, and this is the last thing you want to happen.


Proper Facilities

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes; this makes it difficult for some dog groomers accommodate every dog. This is an especially big concern if your dog is very big as they may not be able to fit comfortably into the groomer's tub, or the cages may not be able to effectively hold your dog.


Proper Monitoring System

Making sure that the pet groomer has a solid system in place for monitoring the grooming process is the most important factor on this list, because if they don't they could put your dog's life at risk. For example, many professional dog groomers use blow drying machines that a dog sits in. If a dog is left in the dryer for too long, he or she could die from a heat stroke.


How to Decide if a Dog Groomer Meets Your Criteria

If you can't determine whether or not a dog groomer meets your needs by simply looking at their website or giving them a call, consider the following.


Visit the Facilities
The front customer service area of the groomer can be deceptively clean. Ask to see the dog grooming area, and take note of the cleanliness, cage sizes, and the treatment of dogs currently held there.


Meet With the Staff
One of the best ways to find out about how much the people handling your dog actually care about canines is to meet with them face to face. A professional dog groomer should show some level of exuberance at being able to care for dogs. Also, take the time to ask them about their monitoring system; if their responses are vague, then you should see this as a red flag.


Ask Previous Customers
One of the best ways to find out about how a dog groomer treats its customers and pets is to ask people who have worked with them before. Don't hesitate to ask for referrals or audit customer reviews online.


Fully audit each dog groomer's ability to care for your dog before making your choice. Contact us to learn more about dog groomers and how to choose the right one for your furry friend.

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