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The Best Healthy Dog Treats


   Smart dog owners know how important treats are to keeping your dog happy, healthy, and obedient, but it can be hard to tell the difference between healthy dog treats from unhealthy ones. Technically you can train your pup with processed meats and cheese and they will love it, but it will do incredible damage to their bodies. Consider the following healthy dog treats, from ready-made packaged treats to human food your pet will love.

1. Meats. Sometimes, simple is best. Whether you’re feeding your dog fresh meats from your local deli or freeze-dried meats made to be healthy dog treats, it’s hard to go wrong with real meat. That doesn’t mean all meats are equally as healthy of course. Fatty meats like large steaks and certain cuts of pork are very calorie rich and should be avoided, as well as packaged meats like hot dogs. Similarly, avoid giving your dog meats that still have bones attached, as many animal bones can be accidentally swallowed.

2. Hill’s Prescription Diet Treats. One of the best ready-made treats on the market, Hill’s Prescription Diet treats are low-calorie, low-fat, low-protein, and low-sodium. This makes them an ideal healthy dog treat if you already control your dog’s diet well enough with main meals, and don’t want to unbalance things with your choice of treat.

3. Single-Ingredient Treats. There are quite a few brands out there making single-ingredient treats, and most of them are great choices. The concept is simple: the treat has one ingredient in it, usually a meat. There’s no room to hide fillers, unhealthy flavorings, or anything else bad for your dog, it’s just a straightforward treat made of one thing.

4. Fruits or Veggies. This might surprise you, but many dogs love the right fruit or vegetable, and for those that do, they make excellent treats. Avoid anything that may be too sweet or high in natural fats, like avocados, bananas, and berries.

5. Rawhide. Of the many popular chewable items for your dog, the only one that can be confidently called healthy dog treats are rawhide. Unlike hoofs and bones, there’s minimal risk of tooth damage, splinters in the digestive system, and other major concerns. Dogs do manage to bite off more than they can chew and block themselves up, so make sure your dog isn’t trying to swallow rawhide whole once it gets soft. You need at least one good chewing item in your healthy dog treats, chewing plays an important role in keeping your dog’s teeth in shape and you don’t want chew toys to be your personal belongings.


No matter what your dog’s food preferences are, or allergens you need to avoid, there are many healthy dog treats available. It’s important to ensure that the dog treat is reasonably low in calories, fats, and salts, and that there are minimal preservatives in it if possible. When you make sure you buy healthy dog treats, both you and your dog will be happy.

For more information about healthy dog treats, and to learn about our upcoming puppies, contact us today!

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