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Popular Portuguese Water Dog Haircuts

   Portuguese water dogs, a breed closely related to poodles, were originally fishing dogs but are now predominantly show dogs or family pets. They are a very attractive breed when groomed and trimmed with care. To prepare your dog for a monthly coat trimming, you should groom him/her two to three times a week to remove any tangles. Coat colors for Portuguese Water Dogs include: black, brown, white, and black or brown mixed with white.

There are two coat types: curly and wavy. Curly-coated water dogs have tight, cylinder-like curls, no noticeable sheen, and may have wavy hair around the ears. Wavy-coated dogs will have gently waving hair that exhibits a mild sheen and no curls whatsoever.


The Retriever Clip

The more straightforward Portuguese water dog haircut is the retriever clip. In it, the entire coat is trimmed down to a length of about one inch. The natural outline of the body is meticulously adhered to, and over-styling is purposefully avoided. The legs are made to blend in with the rest of the body, but the feet are rounded off a bit at the end. The head is also blended into the body-coat, and the top of the head is made to appear broad and dome-shaped. On wavy coats, the head hair will tend to naturally part in the middle, which gives these dogs a more casual look than their curly-haired counterparts. The ears are trimmed so as to blend in with the head hair, and the muzzle is clipped a little shorter than the hair on the body. The muzzle is cut evenly, that is, there is no “beard.” The hair on the last third to quarter of the tail is left at full length.


The Lion Clip

The more attention-grabbing Portuguese water dog haircut is the lion clip, which differs from the retriever clip mainly in that the whole back half of the dog's hair is completely trimmed off. The tuft of hair at the end of the tail, however, is left intact. The hair on the front portion of the dog is cut to follow the body outline just like in the retriever clip, but it is cut longer- at 3 inches or more. The legs, head, ears, and muzzle all blend into the body, as in the alternate haircut option.


The Summer Clip

While the two above-mentioned Portuguese water dog haircuts are by far the most common, and are both standard as far as official dog show judging criteria is concerning, there are times when you may wish to do a full trim-down. If your dog is not going to be contesting in a show in the near future and the summer heat is causing your dog to pant and suffer, you can trim off all of its hair rather to bring your pet some relief. This summer clip also makes it easier to wash the dog off after it has been swimming in a pool or body of water, which you need to do to rid its body of salts, chemicals, and pathogens.
Regardless of your pup’s coat color and type, you can greatly improve his appearance with a proper haircut. Choose the retriever clip for its simplicity, the lion clip for its uniqueness, or the summer clip for its practicality. Every owner of Portuguese water dogs may wish to use all of these options at one time or another.

For more information about popular Portuguese water dog haircuts, or to learn about our puppies, contact us today!

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