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New Puppy Checklist: Your Complete Guide to Puppy Essentials


Bringing home a new member of the family is always an exciting experience, whether you're introducing a baby or you're offering your home to a new furry friend. Sometimes even the most obvious of items can be forgotten in the midst of all the excitement, so before you leave out some essentials, check out this new puppy checklist.

Crate. Your puppy's crate should be seen as a place of comfort and retreat rather than one of punishment. To start this relationship off right, make sure the crate is properly equipped with soft padding that invites your pooch to hang out. The crate will likely become a vital part of the house-training plan, and it can help curb destructive behavior resulting from boredom when you're gone. Keep in mind that it is possible to get a crate that's too small or large. The optimal size will allow your dog to sit up straight, stretch out, and turn around easily without feeling cramped. That said, if it's too big, your pup may use one end as a bathroom while the other side remains his sleeping quarters. To account for your puppy's upcoming growth spurts, consider getting a crate sized for his adulthood and sizing it down with separators that portion the living space down to the proper size.

Food. You may choose to take a number of different routes where nutrition is concerned, but it's best to do your homework long before your hound arrives at your home. Just like people, some pups have more sensitive stomachs than others. It's best to seek out high-quality dog food that avoids additives and preservatives that can upset a dog's natural balance.

ID Tags. Even when keeping an attentive eye on your new puppy, some are just born natural escape artists. To make sure that they are easily identified, and you are easily contacted, ID tags are a must. Make sure their tags include their name, your name, your phone number and even address if space allows.

Carpet Cleaner. This may be the most important and unlikely addition to our new puppy checklist. New puppy owners need to understand that even with rigorous training, puppies will likely make your floor their bathroom on more than one occasion. Seek out a good carpet cleaner that can do the work of this dirty job. Many cleaners have recently appeared on the market that are specifically puppy safe. Additionally, enzymatic cleaners are specifically formulated for body fluids; they'll help to keep the germs and odors at bay while you work on housebreaking.

Treats. Puppies respond to positive reinforcement just like children do. Treats not only show your new sidekick that you're glad they're around, but they help them learn which behaviors are seen as positive ones and which they should avoid early on. You'll want to have plenty of treats on hand because shaping the behavioral processes start from the moment your pup sets eyes on you.

Toys. The last thing you want to do is bring a puppy home and give him the time to get bored! Stop this problem from happening by having ample amounts of toys available. Your puppy may pick a favorite, but every toy will eventually be used. Kong makes an ample variety of items that produce puppy-friendly fun. Squeaky toys and treat dispensers are also great to have on-hand.


Do you have something to add to our new puppy checklist? To learn more to about preparing for your new puppy, or to place a deposit on one of our upcoming pups, contact us!

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