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Make Walks Easy With Dog Walking Training


   Walking your dog is one of the most basic responsibilities of dog ownership. Not only is it a fun bonding exercise for you and your pet it's also essential for their physical health. However when you own a larger breed of dog, teaching them how to properly behave on walks is essential due to their size, speed, and strength. With the following dog walking training tips you can train your pet to behave on walks allowing them to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors.


Six Dog Walking Training Tips

1. Walk In Front. First and foremost when walking your dog you should lead the way. When walking your dog the dog should always be walking either behind you or next to you. This is important for two reasons. One it allows you to better control your dog and doesn’t allow them to lead you and two it tells your dog you are the pack leader and the one to be followed and obeyed.

2. Keep Your Leash Short. A shorter leash has several advantages. It allows you greater control so if your dog is scared or tries to run you can easily reign them in; with a long leash you lose this control and slow your ability to react to what your dog is doing. With a short leash you can more easily communicate with your dog and guide them accordingly.

3. Take Your Time. A walk should be a relaxing time for both you and your dog. So be sure to take time out of your day when you take your dog for a walk. It shouldn't be something you rush to finish before work or try to squeeze in between other things you have to do that day. Thirty minutes to an hour should be set aside so you and your dog can take your time and enjoy the day.

4. Reward Your Dog During The Walk. During a walk you should reward your dog for their good behavior, so allow them to have some fun on the walk aside from exercise and relieving themselves. Let your dog to look at things they find interesting and to sniff around the general area, and continue the walk after they’re satisfied. Remember these exploration periods shouldn’t exceed the total time of the walk itself, which is always the main focus.

5. Finish The Walk Properly. When bringing your dog in the house after their walk remember you are still leading the walk. Have them sit properly after you walk them into the home and remove their leash. This teaches your dog proper behavior and puts them in the right mindset when you bring their leash out for future walks.

6. Feed Your Dog After The Walk. After the walk has ended be sure to give your dog a fresh bowl of water and some food or a treat depending on their meal habits and schedule. This rewards their good behavior and creates a positive association in the dog's mind that walks are a pleasant event and not one to struggle and fight while doing.


A Final Tip

With these dog walking training tips you can train your dog to behave themselves during their walks. Remember the key is to be in control and reward good behavior. If your dog is misbehaving during their walks take control and guide them in proper behavior. When training your dog in acceptable behavior follow the above dog walking training tips, praise them, and give them treats when they behave properly and they will soon learn what to do. Contact us at Kybra Kennels to learn more, and find out about our upcoming puppies!

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