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Indestructible Dog Toys That Even a Husky Can't Ruin


   Huskies are amazing dogs; they are beautiful, playful, and generally just enjoyable to have around. However if you give them the wrong thing to play with, they will destroy it in no time. This can become an endless, expensive cycle that demands visits to the nearest pet store multiple times per week to provide your husky with toys. Constantly introducing new toys runs the risk that your dog will seek out something new to chew on when their favorite toy is gone. To avoid the waste, mess, and destruction that comes along with this you should invest in indestructible dog toys that will outlast even the strongest of dog.

Kong's Indestructible Dog Toys

This line of dog toys looks tough, and they are. Kong's dog toys are so tough in fact, that they are used to help train police dogs. One of their most popular styles, the Kong EXTREME, can also be stuffed with treats for your husky to work towards.

goDog Indestructible Stuffed Dog Toys

The idea of giving your husky a stuffed toy is probably beyond terrifying. However there is now an exception to that concern, with goDog indestructible stuffed dog toys. These are double stitched and uniquely reinforced with chew guard technology to prevent your furry friend from getting to the toy's fluffy innards.

Tuffy Indestructible Toys

Tuffy toys are so tough, that your husky will be one of the smallest animals to use them. This is because they are designed and tested to be toyed around with by zoo animals like lions and tigers.

Tire Biter Dog Toys

Tires are designed to withstand incredibly tough conditions on the road while rolling under the weight of thousands of pounds of metal. Even the biggest dogs cannot even come close to destroying them. Most tire toys however, are just cheap plastic imitations that a dog half of the size of your husky could chew through. As tough as a real tire, a Tire Biter won't flake away and break like most rubber tire lookalikes do.

Fire Hose Indestructible Dog Toys

Fire Hose Indestructible Dog Toys is another husky-approved dog toy that took its inspiration from a real life super tough object. Just as the name suggests, Fire Hose toys are made out of the same materials as a real fire hose. To put this into perspective, most fire hoses can handle over 1,200 pounds per square inch (psi) of internal pressure before they come close to bursting. The strongest dog bites out there are only around 500 psi.

Megalast Gummi Bear Dog Toys

Megalast's line of Gummy Bear indestructible dog toys are by far the cutest toys on this list. True to their name, they look like and feel like oversized classic gummy bears. However instead of being composed of an edible gelatin, these toys are made of a polymer called megalastomer, which is incredibly tough despite its chewy feel.


Give your husky a toy that they can love for a long time

Investing in a set of indestructible dog toys for your husky will save you time and money, and keep your dog happy. For more husky care tips, feel free to browse our blog or contact our team of Siberian Husky experts.

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