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Husky Health Issues That Occur Throughout the Breed


     Every breed of dog has quirks and issues that are known to be specifically attributable to that type of canine.  If you're considering adding a husky to your family, there are some husky health issues that you should be aware of before you bring your new furry friend home.  The more informed you are, the better prepared you'll be to make the right decision when an irresistibly furry face is staring back at you.


The following are some common husky health issues to take into consideration while you're evaluating the best breed for your family:




Eyelid Entropion

Those beautiful blue eyes of a husky can be prone to problems on the skin surrounding the eyes.  Eyelid entropion occurs when the dog's eyelid rolls inward.  As the dog's hair rubs against the sensitive cornea, the surface of the eye can become incredibly painful, often resulting in corneal ulcers, erosion, or scarring.  Surgical correction of the misbehaving skin can often resolve the problem.



Corneal Dystrophy

Another eye impairment often inflicted onto huskies is corneal dystrophy.  This genetic condition is inherited down the bloodline, usually affecting the skin. In terms of the eyes, the condition can range from mere cosmetic displeasure to complete blindness. This condition may be genetic, or it could be triggered by a virus.  Premature whitening of the hair may also be a sign of this husky health issue, while vitiligo, or depigmentation of the skin, is another warning sign.



Follicular Dysplasia

Follicular Dysplasia is classified as a medium husky health issue, which means it isn't necessarily predominant, but it is something to be aware of.  This disease is a skin issue that causes patches of hair loss in a coat that's otherwise known to be full and ready to combat even the coldest of winters.  You'll often see this problem present itself early on in your husky's life at somewhere between 3 and 4 months of age, and you'll generally notice it around the collar and around other pressure points as a result of the hair becoming brittle and breaking off when it's faced with friction.


Hip Dysplasia


Many larger breeds of dogs are subject to possible Hip dysplasia, and this is certainly one of the husky health issues you'll want to be aware of.  Hip dysplasia occurs when the muscles, connective tissues, and joint structures become separated causing pain and discomfort similar to arthritis.  A combination of genetics, diet, and pain relieving supplements factor into the severity of the problem.  Many foods and supplemental dietary pills can help your dog's body produce the lubricants necessary to keep pain at a minimum.  Weight management and proper exercise are also major factors to prevent and manage hip dysplasia.



Deafness isn't necessarily one of the most common husky health issues, but it is certainly apparent in many dogs of this breed.  Deafness can occur at any time in a dog's life, but if you are adopting a puppy from a reputable breeder, the breeder will likely have identified any early onset symptoms before you choose your dog so you're aware of the disability. 



To learn more about husky health issues and other common attributes of the husky breed, check out our Dog Breed Info section!

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