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How to Train a Husky


You have likely heard rumors about how Siberian Huskies can sometimes be difficult to train. While this can certainly be true in some situations, it isn't always the case. Huskies are some of the most beautiful and intelligent dogs in the world, and if you understand the breed, you can learn how to train a husky properly and you will soon be the proud owner of a wonderful and loyal companion.


It is important to remember that Siberian Huskies are an extremely strong-willed breed, and tend to be stubborn at times. It is common for huskies to use their high level of intelligence in order to find new ways of "testing the waters" with their owners. In order to experience the most success when training your new furry friend, it's crucial that you follow the tips outlined below.



Tips and Tricks on How to Train a Husky

Maintain Consistency: Siberian Huskies tend to follow the mentality that any flexibility equals total flexibility. By maintaining consistent rules and ways of doing things, your husky will soon learn that any variation in his behavior is unacceptable. As an example, if you don't typically allow your puppy to get up on the furniture, allowing him to do so "just this once" can cause confusion and he may try to break other rules as well.

Take the Role of the Alpha: Becoming recognized as the alpha is an essential part of how to train a husky. Since huskies are pack animals, they will attempt to become the alpha if not corrected early in puppyhood. Ways that you can establish that you are the alpha include feeding him only after you eat, not allowing him to raise himself to a higher level than you, and enforcing a consistent set of rules. If you are concerned about food aggression, when your husky is a young puppy allow each family member to remove food from his bowl while he is eating to teach him that everyone has access to his food. This will also help teach him that humans are above him in the pack order.

Socialize Your Puppy: Huskies love to socialize with humans as well as with other dogs, and allowing your puppy to do so will enable him to become more easily trained. While huskies are not typically very good guard dogs due to their love for everyone, they make excellent companions for other dogs and children.

Offer Praise or Discipline in a Consistent Manner: Huskies respond well when offered praise or treats for a job well done. It is important that your reward good behavior consistently and immediately however, so that your puppy understands why he is being praised. When disciplining your puppy, never hit them with anything or become violent. Doing so will only cause your puppy to fear you instead of respecting you. Use phrases like "no" or "bad dog" in a firm, loud voice.

Use Simple Commands: Using simple one or two word commands will enable your puppy to more easily understand what is expected of him. Additionally, try not to vary the commands you and your family members use. For instance, "sit" and "sit down" are not the same thing in the mind of your puppy. Use phrases like "get down", "sit", "lie down" and "stay", just to name a few.


Although Siberian Huskies can certainly be stubborn at times, training your puppy with lots of love, patience and consistency will definitely bring out the best in him, and you will have a loyal and well behaved pet before you know it. For more information about huskies and when our next puppies will be available, contact us!

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