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How to Crate Train a Puppy


When getting a new puppy, crate training is a very important thing to teach. By learning to accept and use a crate when they’re young, you save yourself a lot of puppy trouble later on. However you may not know where to start with training. The following tips on how to crate train a puppy will help you and your dog in the training process.


Place the crate in a part of your home that you and your dog spend a lot of time in. By being in a familiar setting you decrease the stress involved with your puppy learning about a new thing they are unfamiliar with. Place a towel in the bottom of the crate and open the door so your puppy has easy access. Let them explore the crate on their own and in their own time. Some dogs will start sleeping in the crate immediately if they are naturally curious. Walk with them to the crate, make sure the door is secured and open, and speak to them in happy tones. Then, place treats in the crate to encourage them to walk into it. Let them take their time and don’t force it, it may take a few days for your puppy to fully enter the crate.  


Use Food

Part of how to crate train a puppy is associating good memories with the crate itself. Start by feeding your puppy their meals by the crate so they will associate it with a pleasant experience. Once your dog is entering the crate start placing their food in the very back of it. If they are hesitant place the dish as far back as they are comfortable with and slowly move it back further. Next, start closing the door while your dog is eating, slowly start leaving the door shut for longer and longer time periods after they finish eating. Never leave it closed until your dog is upset or whining.     

Increase Crate Usage

Once your dog is comfortable being crated you need to get them used to being in it long term. When your home for an extended period of time give them a treat and give them a command to go lay down in the crate. Give your dog a treat and close the crate door. Sit with them for 5 to 10 minutes and then leave them alone for a short period of time. Then return and let them out. Over time increase the time your dog is alone in the crate. It may take several months for the time frame to go up to an acceptable length of time.   


Extended Crating

Once your dog is comfortable in the crate start leaving your dog in their crate when you go out for short periods of time. Be sure to give them a treat and leave them with their favorite toys. Keep your leaving and returning low key so this becomes a daily habit for them. The last step in crate training is to crate your puppy overnight. Be sure to keep them near you in case they need to go out. Once your puppy is sleeping through the night comfortably you can relocate the crate as needed.


For more information on crate training a puppy, or to learn about our upcoming liters, contact us today!

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