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How to Choose a Puppy that’s Right for Your Family


Choosing a family puppy is a wonderful thing when it's done properly. During the selection process, it's easy to let your emotions run away with you. That's why before you embark on this adventure as a family, you need to decide not just to choose a puppy, but how to choose a puppy.

Puppies 101: A Family Guide
There's no denying that puppies are cute and cuddly, but this shouldn’t be your deciding factor when picking a puppy that’s right for you. Experts recommend that you evaluate your current lifestyle and use that assessment as the basis for how to choose a puppy. In theory this sounds reasonable, but in practice it may look a little something like this:

• A family friendly puppy needs a dog friendly household. Both Portuguese Water Dogs and Siberian Huskies are family-friendly breeds, but just knowing that isn't enough. You need to prepare your entire household for the realities of dog ownership. Explain to children what constitutes appropriate treatment of the dog, and what the dog may see as threatening. Set boundaries prior to the new puppy coming home, and make sure to reinforce them. It is not only the puppy that needs training.

• Both Portuguese Water Dogs and Siberian Huskies are communal by nature, meaning they get along well with other dogs. Consider whether any current pets may not be so accepting of a new animal in the house, and if this will become an issue.

• If you’re constantly on the go or live in tight quarters, our two dog breeds may not be the best choice. Siberian Huskies and Portuguese Water Dogs tend to like space, have an increased about of energy to burn, and act best when they are given tasks and routines. Too much alone time or time spent on the couch is not the lifestyle these dogs are meant to have.


A Question of Pedigree
The second phase of choosing a puppy starts with finding a reputable breeder. Many dog breeders can claim their pups are purebred but having certifiable proof is another thing. Additionally, many dogs end up in shelters when their owners discover they are not the purebred they had purchased, and the traits of their combined breeds make them difficult to look after. Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, offers the following breeder guidelines:

• Be sure to get referrals.

• A good breeder will be able to answer questions about the dog’s ancestry. Remember to ask about parents’ and grandparents’ temperaments.

• Pay attention to behavior. If a pup bounces off the walls at the breeder’s, they’ll most likely do this at home and need strict training.

• Ask for contact information for other people who have adopted the breeder’s puppies.

• Make sure you see several puppies, so you can find the one you’re most comfortable and compatible with.

• Breeders should not offer up puppies that are younger than eight weeks old, and if they do this should be a warning sign.


Remember to take your time when choosing a new family member. Getting a puppy should not be a spur of the moment decision. This is a long-term commitment that comes with obligations and expenses. For more information about how to choose a puppy, or to find out about our upcoming liters, contact us today!

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