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How To Trim Dogs Nails


   Dogs are well known for the loyalty, companionship and love they provide their owners, and ask very little in return. One of the keys to a happy dog is taking good care of them, and with this comes trimming their nails. Because dogs are not constantly on harsh ground materials that will wear down their nails, they occasionally need to be trimmed to ensure they do not cause the animal any harm. The following is an overview of how to trim dog’s nails, and the tools you will need to complete the task.


How to Trim Dog’s Nails: The Tools

1. Clippers. Naturally you’ll need a good pair of nail clippers to trim your dog’s nails. In general you’ll find there are two styles of nail clippers available to use on dogs: the first type resembles a pair of scissors and literally cuts the nail, the second type has a small hole you place the nail in and then the blade cuts the tip off. Both types of clippers can do the job however, if your dog has very thick nails scissors style clippers are advisable.

2. Grinders. An alternative to using clippers is to use a grinder to file your dog’s nails down. This can be useful as it avoids uneven cuts and nail splitting. But grinders do have a few drawbacks as a primary cutting tool in that they can take longer, and many dogs do not like the noises they produce. A grinder should be a part of trimming kit as it can also be used to quickly smooth out the tips of your dog’s nails after they have been cut.

3. Styptic Powder. While you will certainly be very careful to avoid cutting the nail too short, mistakes do happen. When cut too short you hit the quick, the nail’s internal blood vessel, and cause bleeding. If that occurs, application of styptic powder and pressure can stop the bleeding and prevent further damage.


How to Trim Dog’s Nails: Cutting the Nails

1. Before cutting your dog’s nails you’ll have to get them used to you handling their paws. So if you've never done so before touch and rub your dog’s paws a few times a day until they are comfortable with this. Giving them treats when you do so can help the process.

2. When first starting to trim your dog’s nails get a good grip on their paw in a well-lit room. Place your thumb on top of the paw to stabilize it and make sure its face you directly where you can see it clearly. Note that for back paws you may have to lay your dog on its side to cut those nails.

3. Before making the first cut identify the quick if your dog has white or clear nails and you can see it. If you can’t see it remember you’re basing your cut on how the nails grows and also you can slowly trim a nail down until you see the very end of the quick on the tip of the cut nail.

4. Cut off the very tip of the nail where it curves downward, make sure your cut is straight, and avoid angular cuts so as to not split the nail.

5. Always reassure your dog and give them treats if they appear upset or distressed.

6. If injuries do occur don’t panic. Reassure your dog that everything is okay, give them a treat to calm them, apply styptic powder to the damaged nail, and if any issues persist call your local vet for assistance.


With these guidelines you will be able to successfully trim your dog’s nails and avoid having to go to the groomer’s every few weeks. Contact us at Kybra Kennels for more dog tricks or to learn about our upcoming puppies today.

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