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How To Puppy Proof Your Home


   Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time. Of course you can’t wait to get to know your new furry friend. But a little preparation is necessary and you’ll need to figure out ahead of time how to puppy proof your home. Here are some tips to help keep your puppy safe.

Take a Look Around

The first thing to do is walk around the house and check for some obvious dangers. If you have kids and had to baby proof your house, you may find this step pretty easy! Look for anything at dog level that is poisonous or a choking hazard and move it. Here are a few things to look out for:
• Clothing, jewelry and shoes
• Food
• House plants
• Cat litter boxes
• Medications
• Electrical cords
• Cleaning supplies
• Sentimental items

Secure items on a higher shelf, in a locked cabinet, or in an area that is closed off with a gate or door. Remember that puppies are curious by nature and your home is a new environment just waiting to be explored. And just about anything they can get to is likely to be chewed on. A few baby proofing supplies can be helpful when you are figuring out how to puppy proof your home. Cabinet or door locks, gates and outlet strip covers can all be useful for keeping curious puppies out of trouble.

Problem Areas

There are certain things that are just too tempting to curious pups. Trashcans should be taller and have tight fitting lids. If possible keep them out of reach or in a closed area. Outlet strips for computers or home theater equipment can be protected with a child proof cover and cords can be secured with cable ties or inside a piece of PVC pipe from the home improvement store to prevent chewing. If that isn’t possible try hiding it. Laundry hampers should also be taller and have secure lids.

Any area of your home that seems to have too many hazards can be secured by keeping a door closed or using a baby or pet gate. The bathroom is a good example. Dogs can drink out of the toilet, drown in water running in the tub, get into dirty laundry and there are more harmful items in the trash like razor blades, medications, cosmetics and sanitary items.

A Few Other Tips

Make sure to block any areas your puppy may be able to hide and get stuck. Especially at first, everyone in your family will have to be extra vigilant about picking up clutter and putting things away to make sure they are not chewed or swallowed by a curious puppy. You may find it is easier to temporarily relocate some items until your puppy has gotten a little older and less curious.

Adding a puppy to your family can be a fun and exciting time. Kybra Kennels can help you find the right puppy and answer any questions you have about how to puppy proof your home. Contact us today!

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