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Easy Dog Tricks to Teach Your Pup and Wow Your Friends!


   While it's true that teaching your pup new tricks can be exciting and entertaining for you, your family members, and your friends, humans aren't the only ones who benefit. Dog tricks are an excellent way for you to provide your four legged friend with the mental stimulation and human interaction they need in order to remain happy and healthy. If your pup has mastered the basic obedience commands like sit, stay, and lie-down, maybe it's time to throw a few easy dog tricks into the mix.

What You'll Need

Before you begin introducing dog tricks to your furry friend, there are a few things you can do to help ensure that your dog training adventure is successful.

Environment - Select a quiet environment that is free from distraction. Your dog will learn new dog tricks much faster if he isn't distracted by other animals, children, passing traffic or loud noises.

Positive Reinforcement - Be ready to offer positive reinforcement so that your pup understands when he has pleased you. Positive reinforcement can be in the form of treats, special toys, or praise.

Patience - Just like when you taught your dog the basic obedience commands, you must remember to be patient while teaching your pup tricks. Even the most intelligent dog breeds need time and consistency in order to learn effectively.


Easy Dog Tricks

Here are a few simple stunts that are sure to wow your friends.

Roll Over
Begin with the "lie-down" command. Hold a treat in your fist and move it low to the ground in front of your dog's nose to get his attention. Gradually bring the treat to your pup's shoulder and slowly move it around to the opposite shoulder as you say "roll over". Your dog will follow the treat with his nose, causing him to roll onto his back. Once your pup rolls over, offer the treat.

Play Dead
Begin with the "lie-down" command. Similarly to "roll over", hold the treat in your fist and place it in front of your pup's nose. Once you have his attention, move the treat to your dog's shoulder until he is lying on his side. Say "play dead" and offer the treat.

High Five
Begin with the "sit" command. Hold a treat in your hand just out of your furry friend's reach and gently tap his front paw with the other hand while saying "high five". When your dog lifts his paw, catch it in your hand and briefly hold it while offering the treat.

Army Crawl
Start with the "lie-down" command. Hold a treat in your fingers just close enough so that your pup can sniff or lick it, but don't allow him to take it. Keeping the treat low to the ground, slowly move it along the floor. If your dog stands, take the treat away and start over. Once your pup completes the trick successfully, offer the treat.

Begin by creating a situation that would normally cause your dog to bark, such as ringing the doorbell. Each time your dog barks, say "speak" and offer the treat. Repeat several times and then try the command without the doorbell or other stimulation. Remember to always offer a treat when your dog speaks on command.



While some dogs and puppies can learn these easy dog tricks in as little as five minutes, other dogs may require multiple training sessions before being able to master them. Remember that like a child, each dog is unique. For more information about easy dog tricks that you can teach your dog, or to learn about more advanced dog tricks, contact us.

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