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8 Interesting Siberian Husky Facts


Due to their beauty and wolf like mystique, the Siberian husky is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Outside of that however, most people know very little about this amazing dog breed. That being said, here are eight interesting Siberian husky facts:


1. Siberian huskies are extremely crafty
Keeping a Siberian husky from getting into things isn't a very easy task. They can navigate around and over a surprising array of barricades, and can often figure out how to escape from yards and enclosed spaces if you’re not careful. Since they are an intelligent breed, they tend to be more resourceful than other types of dogs.


2. Siberian huskies are used in dog races
While you won't find a Siberian husky at a track racing greyhounds, huskies are used in dog sled races throughout the world. They are very athletic dogs, used historically as working dogs, which adds to their appeal. Keep in mind that because of their athleticism, they require quite a bit of exercise in order to stay healthy.


3. Siberian huskies don't need a lot of food
The original huskies were bred by their owners specifically to survive empty tundra’s for indefinite amounts of time. This trait has survived through countless generations, as modern huskies require relatively little food to survive relative to their size.


4. Siberian huskies shed twice a year
Huskies are well known to have beautiful lush coats that keep them warm throughout the winter. This coat however sheds twice a year, typically before a major change in temperatures. By brushing them regularly you will help to avoid significant amounts of fur appearing on your floor.


5. A well-trained Siberian husky will make a professional marathoner seem out of shape
This is one of the most amazing Siberian husky facts on the list. In the early 1900s, Siberian huskies were popular delivery dogs in Alaska. These deliveries would sometimes be across over thousands of kilometers in white out blizzard conditions.


6. The Siberian husky is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence
Genetic testing completed in 2004 has proven that the Siberian husky is an ancient breed of dog. They are so ancient, in fact, that they are one of the 12 oldest dog breeds in the world (there are over 400 total dog breeds).


7. Siberian huskies don't bark a lot
If you don't like to hear your dog yelping all night, then you are sure to love the following Siberian husky fact. Huskies rarely bark at all. They do, however, have a tendency to howl, but with the right training this can be kept to a minimum.


8. Some Siberian huskies can have red fur
The Siberian husky dog breed is well known for its beautifully fluffy gray and white fur coat. This, however, is not the only color that a husky can be. In addition to wildly varying extremes of the grayish white fur coat, Siberian huskies can have completely black, white and even red fur coats.


While these Siberian Husky facts are interesting, it is important to fully familiarize yourself with the breed if you are considering one as a pet. To learn more about the breed, visit our Siberian Husky page!

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