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7 Questions to Ask a Dog Breeder When Looking for a Puppy


Aside from the breed of dog you want, there are tons of considerations to keep in mind when you decide to purchase a puppy. It’s always better to purchase from a breeder than a pet shop, since the breeder will have more information on the history and you can be certain that you aren’t dealing with a puppy mill. When deciding on a breeder, take along these pertinent questions so you can make an informed decision.



Questions on Parentage
You’ll want to know about the average lifespan of the family line, the size of the parents, and the parents’ certifications. You might want to consider asking to meet the parents of the puppy in question, and if you can’t, here are some questions to ask a dog breeder to get that information:


1. How large are the puppy’s parents?


2. How much do you know about the lineage? How long is the average lifespan of the line the puppy is bred from?



If you already have one or more dogs, or if you have children or other animals in the home, you don’t want a new puppy to come in and wreak havoc on the environment. While any puppy may struggle a bit in a new home, you want to assure that the puppy will be able to adapt to any environment. Along these lines, it’s important to find out if the puppy has been around other dogs of the same breed or dogs of other breeds. You may also want to know about the puppy’s experience with people. Here are some questions to ask a dog breeder you may want to keep in mind:


3. How has the puppy been socialized – with its own breed? With other breeds? How does he/she act with other dogs?


4. Has the puppy been socialized with people? Adults? Children? A veterinarian? How is he/she with different ages/sexes?



Overall Health
You don’t want to take home a sickly puppy, especially if you don’t know a lot about the breed or raising a puppy. Therefore you should always inquire about the health of the puppy, including heritage issues, the health of other puppies in the litter, and vaccinations. Consider additional questions to ask a dog breeder, such as:


5. Have any of the puppies in the litter been ill? Have all of them been vaccinated? Has this puppy been declared healthy by a veterinarian? Does the breeder offer any kind of guarantee?


6. Are there any known hereditary ailments in this breed lineage, or are there any typical health issues in relation to this particular breed of dog?



Additional Information
When purchasing from a breeder, you’ll want to ensure that the sale is legitimate and that you have proof of the puppy’s health. You should definitely ask for a health certificate as well as a certificate of sale, since you don’t want any questions regarding ownership in the future. To avoid creating a health issue, ask what the breeder has been feeding the puppy to date. Large changes in diet can lead to sickness. If you need further peace of mind, ask the breeder one final question:


7. Do they have references, either from previous buyers or from a breeder’s club to which they belong?


With the right questions, you can be sure that you’re getting a wonderful new puppy from a reliable breeder. Don’t hesitate to be thorough; you’re committing to a lot of time, and you want the many years with your dog to be good ones.


For more help about dog breeders and to inquire about our upcoming puppy litters, contact us today!

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