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7 Husky Personality Traits You Won’t Be Able to Train Out


   When you take a husky home, you’re taking more home than just a beautiful animal; these dogs were traditionally bred for a purpose, though they have become common family dogs. Huskies have a unique personality that no amount of training is going to change. Fortunately, the husky personality isn’t a bad thing—there’s a reason husky lovers wouldn’t trade them for any other breed. It’s important to know whether you can live with the husky personality, so here are the 7 personality traits you’re never going to train out:

Training and keeping a husky obedient is a battle of wills, make no doubts about it. Don’t be fooled into thinking these dogs don’t know what their owners want; they simply don’t care unless you engage them the right way. You can’t give an inch with a husky, or it’ll take a mile. So if you want to be the boss of your house, you’re going to need careful training and consistency from your family.

You can’t train intelligence out of a husky, which seems odd to say until you live with one. The intelligence of a husky means you can’t expect hidden treats to stay hidden, crates to stay locked, doors to stay closed, and more. Husky personality means putting up with an escape artist, and not expecting anything to stay hidden away or concealed for long.

You might expect a big dog covered in puffy fur to be a bit of a slacker in the stealth department, but your wrong. A natural knack for sneaking around comes with the husky personality, so don’t leave food or toys you don’t want stolen in reach. With a husky it only takes a moment for them to strike and claim their prize.

Huskies pay close attention to the world around them, so don’t be surprised if every knock at a neighbors door or yell from down the street gets them up and excited. This is great most of the time, but when you’re trying relax or focus on something else, this awareness of everything around them can become frustrating.

Huskies are excellent at manipulating their owners into letting them up on the bed just this one time, letting them have a treat from the dinner table just this time, and looking super remorseful about escaping the yard for the fifteenth time. Don’t let those sad eyes fool you, they know exactly what they’re doing.

Even as adults, huskies stay rambunctious and playful, so make sure you’re going to have the time and energy to play on a regular basis. You can’t train away the energy that makes them such excellent sled dogs—you have to help them spend it somewhere else, so it doesn’t knock over your furniture.

Laid Back

Don’t expect a fierce guard dog from a husky, no matter how wolf-like they may look. Huskies aren’t timid or shy, but they’re not particularly protective of their homes and families. They’ll notice someone coming up the front path and might get excited, but they’re probably not going to stop anyone from coming inside and taking your stuff.


As you can see, there’s a lot to the husky personality, and most of it comes down to them being too clever for their own good. For more information about the husky personality, contact us today!

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