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6 of The Best Puppy Teething Toys


Introducing a puppy into your family's life can be an awesome experience, but they are undeniably a lot of work, especially come teething time. For obvious reasons, you'll want to be prepared for puppy teething long before it happens, to ensure they are not in pain or chewing on your belongings.


To help you get started stocking up, here are a few of our favorite puppy teething toys:

1. Nylabone Teething Rings. Before your pup gets too big, you might want to stash some Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings away. These little toys have been created for puppies that have powerful chops. The rings have bristles which aid in the prevention of tartar buildup and promote healthy oral health early on. The rattler inside helps keep pups interested and entertained, and the durable material is known for withstanding the test of even the most unforgiving teeth.


2. Low-Fat Puppy Teething Rings. Puppies are far more likely to be interested in gnawing on something when it tastes good. This is why  Doctors Foster and Smith chewable treats are an excellent option. Because these chews do not contain wheat or corn, they're fit for puppies with the most sensitive of stomachs. Flexibility of the treats provides a safe environment for chewing, allowing pups to distract themselves from their pain with rigorous gnawing. The inclusion of brain-boosting Omega-3s helped boost these treats onto our list.


3. Kong Puppy Teething Stick. The Kong Company made its way into the homes of animal lovers around the world quickly, and it has long been one of our most beloved and reliable brands. Kong's Puppy Teething Stick makes the grade because of its multi-purpose functions. The treat dispenser readily keeps pooches of all ages interested and entertained as they try to retrieve those tasty treats. The patented material makes them virtually indestructible and a great tool for four-legged friends who are just getting some teeth in. The design allows for dogs' teeth to naturally be massaged as they play with the toy, and the grooves promote clean dental health. This toy is available in small, medium, and large, so as your pup grows into his smile, you can increase the size of his stick.


4. Smart Pet Love. Frozen toys are often a fantastic way to help soothe the swelling, itching, and pain that comes with teething. The Pupcicle Puppy Teething Comfort Aid has your dog at heart with its cold and gnaw-worthy design. Simply fill it with water and freeze it so it's ready when your pup gets the urge to indulge. The many fingers and ridges offer essential gum massages at every angle, and the interesting design makes it easy for your puppy to grab onto it and carry it wherever they need to be to comfortably chew away.


5. Kong Puppy. Kong's puppy offshoot of its original success story isn't a product to be ignored. Kong Puppy is created of a soft puppy-friendly rubber, and the design lends itself to an unpredictable bounce-ability that has a tendency to keep furry young friends entertained for hours. The material is easy on the gums, so it's great for dogs who have recently started to rub their chops raw from chewing. This toy can be stuffed with treats to increase the enticement.


To find out more about our favorite puppy teething toys, or to learn about our expected puppy litters, contact us today!

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