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6 Dog Training Tips


Training a dog isn't easy. Fortunately, you can make it a whole lot easier when you know how to approach the process. Here are six dog training tips to help you train your dog:


1. Be firm

Dogs are naturally hierarchal beings; dogs who are natural leaders are extremely likely to challenge your authority from the beginning. If you aren't careful your dog will lose respect for you and start disobeying your commands, because he or she will perceive themselves as the "pack leader". Always be firm with your commands and do not allow your dog to force you to do anything.


2. Show Affection and Positive Reinforcement When your Dog Does Something Right

Most dog owners have no problem whatsoever reprimanding their dogs when they do something wrong. However, it is easy for us to forget to also provide positive reinforcement when our furry friends do something right. Make sure that you remember to provide positive reinforcement in the form of affection, treats, or otherwise to make sure that your dog understands that they should continue certain behaviors. Letting them know what they should be doing is just as important as knowing what not to do.


3. Use Body Language

Although a dog is more than capable of learning spoken commands, they won't understand or learn the English language simply by hearing you speak it. They need context clues that make what you want them to do clear. The best way to establish context for your dog is to use your body language. For example, if you want a dog to sit in a certain location, instead of just saying "sit" use hand signs and tap on their back so they begin to connect the sit motion with actual sitting.


4. Be Consistent

The average puppy has about the same intelligence as a human toddler. Much like a child, it can be easy to confuse your dog if you send him or her mixed messages about what you want done in certain situations. For example, if you tell your dog to sit in order to earn a treat one day, but then reward the dog the next day for no reason, the dog will not learn what he or she needs to be doing in order to earn a treat.


5. Be Patient

This is one of the most important dog training tips that we have on this list. Many dogs will have a tough time understanding your commands; some dogs are confused easily, and some dogs are just stubborn. Regardless of the reason, most dogs will take time to consistently obey your commands and automatically act the way that you want them to in certain situations. Even when training your dog becomes frustrating, you must try to remain calm and continue to steadily follow all of the dog training tips discussed in this article.


6. Feed Your Dog Well

Much like a human student needs good nutrition to get good grades, a dog needs to eat well in order to learn more effectively. To that end, make sure that your dog is getting a healthy, complete, well-balanced meal complete with all of the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins that he or she needs. The better the quality of food they receive, the more energy they will have.


Make sure that you are properly prepared to train your dog. If you are not, then you could hurt your results. For more dog training tips and to learn about our upcoming puppy litters, contact us today!

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