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5 Ways to Make Travelling With a Dog A Breeze!


   Even when you're on vacation, going on a trip is a stressful process. If you're taking your furry friend along with you, things can get even more difficult. However, this doesn't mean that you have to leave your dog behind when it's time to go on a trip. You can enjoy your trip with your dog right by your side, as long as you properly prepare for it. In fact, you can make traveling with a dog an absolute breeze. Here are five things that you need to do for this to happen:


1. Make sure that your destination accommodates dogs

This should be the first thing you do. It would be distressing to arrive at your destination hotel or condo, only to discover that your dog isn't allowed to be on the premises. At this point, you only have two options: cancel your trip or find another place to stay. Avoid such a catastrophe before you even leave by finding and booking a place to stay that definitely accommodates dogs. Be thorough with this. Even if the company's website says that they allow dogs to stay, call them to double check that you are definitely booking a pet-friendly space.


2. Invest in a ThunderShirt

ThunderShirts are commonly used at a tool to soothe dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks and other noisy occasions. However, as you may have discovered in the past, traveling can be just as distressing for a dog as a loud boom in the night. A ThunderShirt will be great for soothing your dog throughout the entire trip.


3. Make sure you have something for your dog to chew on

You don't want your dog to destroy something valuable in your hotel room. However, as you know, it is a dog's natural inclination to chew on things; even a well-trained dog can accidentally destroy something if they are forced to sit around with nothing to play with for too long. To reduce the likelihood of your dog turning the room's bed frame, mattress, chair, or more, invest in a chew toy, bring some chew toys that you'd actually want your dog to play with.


4. Bring a cage

When travelling with a dog, you need to make sure that they are placed in an environment that is safe for everyone. A comfortably sized cage will help your dog relax, while preventing him or her from running or jumping into a place that is dangerous. This is especially important when you're driving, as a dog's intended moment of affection could cause a dangerous accident.


5. Bring plenty of treats

Even with all of your preparations, your dog still won't be totally comfortable during the trip; when your dog gets to your destination, he or she will have to adjust to a brand new space. To reward your dog for putting up with the trials of the trip, and to reinforce good behavior while you're there, bring a large bag full of his or her favorite treats, and be more generous than you usually are with them.



Make your trip with your dog one that you'll both fondly remember

Travelling with a dog doesn't have to be an experience that stresses both you and your furry friend out. It can be a calm, relaxing experience for both of you. You just have to properly prepare. For more tips about how to make every moment with your dog a special one, feel free to explore our blog or contact us directly.

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